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The developed world’s emphasis on highly sophisticated technological devices is a futuristic dream for most developing countries. Nevertheless, these countries realise that M-Learning is more than just using a mobile device for E-Learning, and that it requires an entirely different approach. In order to utilize M-Learning efficiently in these developing countries, there is a need to understand this approach, as technology becomes available.

These mobile technologies have successfully enabled learning opportunities and support to those learners in developing countries who are situated far distances away from educational facilities, and do not have the infrastructure to support access.

Most developing countries do not have an extensive infrastructure to support M-Learning, and this makes it more complicated to implement it in these countries. However, these developing worlds still maintain similar needs for M-Learning as developed countries do. Ken Masters (2004) proposes that the lack of infrastructure should be no reason for developing countries to delay implementing M-Learning. It is essential, that if the need exists, institutions within these developing countries should establish and commence mobile learning efforts as soon as possible.